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Flagship Product of JX Ceramic Tech

Issuing time:2019-08-18 15:39

Boron nitride coating

1. Inorganic products, easy to clean, high chemical inertness, very low friction coefficient, high resistance, non-toxic

2. Scope of application: It is very suitable for the protection of aluminum water bag and diversion tank in the process of molten aluminum. It also has excellent lubrication and protection for the casting of aluminum alloy and aluminum bar; high temperature lubricant; in metal vacuum plating machine Used as a protective agent; as a protective agent in forging, casting, heat treatment and ceramic production; as an electrically insulating coating in sintering and furnaces

3. Instructions for use: It can be used directly or diluted with water (soaking, spraying or brushing).

Release agent

Product performance: good thermal shock resistance, high resistance, good corrosion resistance, high use temperature: BN5000: - 850 ° C under oxidizing atmosphere - under inert gas or vacuum state 1800 ° C BN6000: - 850 ° C under oxidizing atmosphere - Under inert gas or vacuum > 2000 ° C can be machined into various shapes. Application range: high temperature insulator thermocouple protective sleeve molten metal crucible, roller and mold required for nozzle glass production process.

The above two products are essential in the casting process of molten aluminum and aluminum alloys and aluminum bars.

We sincerely hope to join hands with friends from the aluminum industry all over the world to create brilliant tomorrow.

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