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500,000 tons of production capacity is limited! The main production area of electrolytic aluminum su

Issuing time:2019-08-23 18:18

According to the news of the public exchange of electrolytic aluminum production technology, on August 18, a leak occurred in an aluminum factory in Xinjiang. As of the 19th, the accident caused the suspension of more than 360 500KA electrolytic cells, and the production capacity of electrolytic aluminum was suspended at about 500,000 tons. The specific cause of the accident and the suspension of production are subject to officially published data. According to statistics, from January to August this year, electrolytic aluminum stopped production of nearly 2 million tons due to accidents.

The main production areas of China's electrolytic aluminum are Shandong, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Henan and other provinces. The output of the first four provinces in 2016 accounted for about 65%. From the fundamental view of electrolytic aluminum, the current average weighted production cost of electrolytic aluminum enterprises is about 12,700 yuan / ton. According to the current market price, the profit of electrolytic aluminum enterprises is as high as 1,700 yuan / ton. According to statistics, in the first half of 2019, the domestic output of electrolytic aluminum was 17.497 million tons, the demand was 17.73 million tons, and the supply shortage was 233,000 tons.

According to industry insiders, although there is still a new expansion and resumption of production capacity of electrolytic aluminum in the second half of the year, it is expected that the global supply shortage pattern will continue to be maintained, superimposing the arrival of the domestic downstream consumption season. It is expected that the price of electrolytic aluminum will be stronger in the second half of the year. Especially before October, there were staged contradictions between supply and demand in the market, and prices were easy to rise and fall.

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