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Introduction of water-based release agent for aluminum formwork

Issuing time:2019-08-23 18:24

Aqueous release agents are widely used in the construction industry for aluminum stencils, but many people do not understand the proportion of water-based release agents in the process of use. Water-based release agent manufacturers introduce you to the proportion of water.

The role of water-based release agents commonly used in construction projects: Here we summarize four points, one, mainly used to protect building formwork, to prevent the concrete and the building formwork from sticking together, the building concrete formwork can be quickly disassembled; Prevent the concrete from reacting with the building form to form a chemical reaction corrosion template; 3. After the formwork is disassembled, the concrete wall surface is smooth and flat; Fourth, the use of the release agent can prolong the use of the template, that is, the service life of the template can be effectively extended.

It is important to know the role of the aqueous release agent. Next, the water-based release agent manufacturer will introduce you to the water ratio:

Under normal circumstances, the water is exchanged one to one, that is, 1 kg of mold release agent can be diluted with 1 kg of water. Some users want to add more water. We produce three kinds of water-based release agents, one is one to one water, one is one to three water, one is one to four water. Then the price of the aqueous release agent is also increased at one time according to the proportion of water exchange, and the water-based release agent needs to pay attention to the process of water exchange:

1. The general construction site is not good at the proportion of water exchange, please be sure to do the field test before making adjustments;

2, the dilution is adjusted according to the effect of the use of the site, be sure to stir while stirring, until the aqueous release agent is fully dissolved before use;

3. Pay attention to the dosage of the release agent during the use process. It should not be too much, not too little. If too much, the release agent will flow to the surface of the depression, delaying the hydration of the cement and producing stains. Too little will affect the use of the release agent.

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