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The Common Types of Release Agent

Issuing time:2019-08-16 00:00

The release agent has become an indispensable industrial raw material in industrial production, and plays a very important role in the shape and quality of mold forming and industrial products. Match different mold release agents for different mold materials. Our common release agents are mainly divided into the following five categories:

1. According to the use mode of the release agent, it can be divided into two types: external release agent and internal release agent. The materials used for the external release agent and the internal release agent are different, and there is also a big difference in price. The external mold release agent can directly apply the release agent to the mold, and the internal mold release agent is a compound whose melting point is slightly lower than the ordinary molding temperature, and the internal mold release agent is added into the resin during the heat forming process. , mixed with resin (note: compatible with liquid resin, incompatible with solid resin), and then under certain processing temperature conditions, the internal release agent can seep out from the resin matrix, forming a between the mold and the product a thin layer of separator to provide a release effect;

2. According to the combination of release agents, it can be divided into: composite release agent and single release agent, wherein composite release agent includes composite and component composite in use mode, sometimes composite type and single type Release agents also have considerable differences in price and performance;

3, according to the use temperature of the release agent can be divided into: normal temperature release agent and high temperature release agent;

4, according to the number of times of release agent can be divided into: semi-permanent release agent and consumable release agent, which is mainly based on the service life to distinguish;

5, according to the properties of the release agent can be divided into: solvent-type release agent, aqueous release agent, oily release agent, chemical composition is not the same, resulting in different properties;

With the country's strong support for environmental protection, no matter how many types of release agents, it is based on environmental protection. Since the 1990s, global attention has been paid to reducing the harmful steam in the working environment. A chlorofluorocarbon compound (CFCS) that has a destructive effect on the ozone layer in the atmosphere. Diva release agent always adheres to the sustainable development of composite release agent and rubber release agent with green environmental protection.

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